Finding serenity and meaningful experience out of the computer or phone that’s uplifting and inspiring is more essential today than ever before. Quality storytelling through well-conceived immersive/interactive art & technology can bring a wonderful sense of fulfillment and joy in a noisy world.

Immersive, media-based attractions plunge guests into digital worlds of storytelling, adventure, art, music, exhibitions and branded experiences. They may be linear or non-linear in sequence, passive or interactive in functionality. They combine sophisticated technological platforms such as visual display, real-time tracking, lighting, special effects, interactivity, kinetic mechanics, motion simulation and ride systems as well as synchronized live performance. These attractions are quickly moving past the early adopter stage to enter the mainstream. They may be found in today’s world as standalone properties, in museums and science centers, art galleries and entertainment complexes, zoos and aquariums and other settings as both permanent and temporary installations.  

DE-ZYN studios is on the creative frontier where art, physical motion, innovative technologies, and billions of pixels come together to attract and inspire, and to tell compelling stories. Company co-founder John Miceli is a well-known innovator of experience design with 32 years in the attractions industry. He says, “Our purpose is simply to provide the team that ideates an idea into a living story or work of art. We create multimedia worlds and infrastructures that are essential to transcendent, immersive guest experiences - evoking emotions and creating memories, even in the simplest of locations. Daring to dream the impossible, we feel there are truly no limits to what can be achieved.”

DE-ZYN studios’ culture is one of teamwork, respect, fluid ideation, sense of family, life balance, never settling for good enough, with a constant desire to reach beyond the boundaries of the imagination.

Together, our clients and the DE-ZYN studios team, bring the talent, teamwork and the confidence it takes to create what the imagination can dream.

John Miceli
Founder & CEO
Nathaniel Ruhlman
Creative Director
Cesar Jovine
Creative Director